Here’s Your Chance To “Legally Steal” The Tools And Resources I Used To Build 5 Multi-Million Dollar Businesses
It’s A Perfect Chance To Get The Tools You Need To Reach 
Your Revenue Goals And Live Life On Your Terms!
Dear Savvy Entrepreneur,
What’s the difference between an entrepreneur whose always struggling to get by…

...and an entrepreneur who attracts all the business they want and predictably realizes extraordinary growth year after year. 

It’s not smarts. It’s not talent. Nor are they born with some special “wealth gene.” 

They simply have the right tools and resources that help them build a business that gives them all the wealth, prosperity and freedom they want. 

The problem is the typical entrepreneur who is trying to start and grow their business gets confused with all the marketing options out there. 

One guru is talking about getting more leads on Facebook, and another expert talks about podcasting. 

There are so many options out there that it’s easy to “throw in the towel” and give up when it comes to growing your business!

Because, let’s face it.

You don’t want to make any big mistakes. 

You want to do it right the first time and avoid years of false starts and wasted money. 

You want to hit the ground running and start achieving massive success and growth in your business right off the bat. 

Here’s Your Chance To Grab The Proven Tools And resources I Use Everyday In My Businesses!
NextLevel Build will give you access to all my top campaigns you can easily “swipe and deploy” in your business. 

These are the same campaigns I use for: 
  • My 5 multi-million dollar businesses that practically run by themselves
  • My NextLevel Scale™ Mastermind members who paid up to $35,000 to get my insight on their business
  • My consulting clients who pay me $35,000 to spend the day with me
The best part is all the copy is written for you so you don’t have to bang your head against the wall wondering what to write for your campaigns. 

Just tweak the templates for your particular industry and you’re all set. 

No suffering from painful writer’s block. And no “second guessing” yourself when you create these campaigns. 

And no agonizing over how many emails to send out in a campaign. 

Just “copy and paste”, make a few tweaks, and you’re golden!

Not only that, but these campaigns can be automatically imported into Infusionsoft or Clickfunnels. 
The Bulletproof Campaigns In 
NextLevel Build™ Will Help You: 
It’s an 8-week program that’ll give you a complete and integrated SYSTEM you need to automate, grow and scale your business fast.

You’ll discover gems that would have otherwise taken you years (and thousands of dollars worth of painful trial and error) to discover, that allowed me to…
  • Convert more prospects into customers. It’s one thing to attract more leads to your business, but it’s another thing to convert them into paying customers. You’ll be able to gently convert leads into customers or clients without feeling like you’re being to sales-y or pressuring them.
  • Get your customers to buy from you again and again. This is the “low-hanging fruit” most businesses miss out on because they are just focused on getting new customers. You’ll be able to transform your customers into raving fans who will keep buying from you, thus increasing your lifetime customer value.
  • Summon a surge of referrals. The best customers are the ones who come to you through a friend, family member or a happy customer. That’s because they’re already predisposed to doing business with you. This takes the pressure off having to constantly hustle for new customers because they’re already coming to you through word of mouth! 
  • ​Warm up leads who don’t buy from you right away. Let’s face it, not everybody is going to buy from you right away. And most businesses are terrible at following up with these people because they’re so focused on the 1-2% of people who buy right away. You’ll finally have a way to gently follow up with the other 98-99% until they turn into buyers!
  • ​Get quick cash when you need it. There are times when you need an instant cash surge in your business. You’ll be able to fire off several simple campaigns who are designed to generate quick sales. This will give you more security and confidence in your business because you’ll have the power to generate “income at will” when you need it! 
Here Are The Campaigns You’ll Get When You Join Today
New Lead Follow Up To Conversion 2.0
The perfect new-lead follow up. Introduce your new prospects to your business with an email series that puts your best foot forward, making sure they see exactly what you can do for them and how it’s helped others, before leading them into a special offer.
Long Term Nurture To Conversion 2.0
There’s no better way to develop your relationship with a prospect than a nurture campaign. Through a constant, friendly delivery of useful content, you can build trust and present yourself as an authority, ensuring that when they need what you sell, you’re the first place they think to go.
Consult Request to Close 2.0
Your prospect has scheduled a call with you and your team. What next? You want to make sure that they don’t forget to show up with a few dynamic reminders to attend. And when they do, you want to make sure the person taking the calls has an easy method to record the outcome and trigger any fancy automation you may want them to get. Our plug-and-play Consult Request to Close campaign does exactly that.
72 Hour Promotion To Conversion 2.0 (Simple) 
The money is in the list! When you need to generate some sales as quick as possible, there’s nothing better than the 72 Hour Promotion to Conversion 2.0. This version of the campaign keeps it simple – blast 5 emails over three days sending contacts to an offer, reiterating at every opportunity that they have no time to delay before the offer expires. Add in some countdown timers on the page and in the emails from Deadline Funnel or PlusThis to really hammer it home.
72 Hour Promotion To Conversion 2.0 (Advanced) 
When you need to generate some sales as quick as possible, there’s nothing better than the 72 Hour Promotion to Conversion 2.0. This version of the campaign adds some advanced functionality to it, provided your CRM allows for it. Here, we create intrigue and introduce the offer, waiting for them to click through and engage, before setting a deadline date. Then, we blast 5 emails over three days sending contacts to an offer, reiterating at every opportunity that they have no time to delay before the offer expires. Add in some countdown timers on the page from Deadline Funnel or PlusThis to really hammer it home.
Net Promoter Score Survey 2.0
So you’ve sold your product. I’m sure it’s safe to assume your contact is happy, but if that’s not the case, you want to be the first to know about it. And if they are? Let’s get them referring their friends and getting the word out there!
New Customer Welcome 2.0
Someone’s just bought from you and we love them for it. So let’s make sure we tell them! This simple email sequence tells them what to expect and how to make the most of being a customer of yours, before reminding them of their great decision with some testimonials. We’re also going to drop them an introductory letter (or more!) in the post for them.
Referral Request To New Lead 2.0
There is nothing more powerful in marketing than a referral from someone that is already a fan of yours. Drop your happiest customers into this sequence, ideally after they’ve scored you highly in an NPS campaign, and get them to send their friends and family your way.
Physical Book Ascension
You have a book you want to use as a lead generator for your high-ticket services. The problem is you don’t know the right way to promote your book and collect high-ticket leads for your main product/service. The Physical Book Campaign will help you promote your book so you don’t waste your ad budget and your time. This campaign involves giving away a book so you can schedule strategy sessions or discovery calls for your top-tier services.
Nine-Word Email 2.0
This is a simple campaign that tests how engaged and interested your contacts are. You send a simple email that simply and directly asks if they’re still interested in your product or service and they reply if they are. The people that do go into a four-day series of emails to a special offer. Finally, for those who get to your offer page but don’t buy, you’ll send them back with a cart abandonment campaign.
Event Promotion 2.0
You want to hold your own blockbuster event but you don’t know how to promote the event via email. The Live Event Campaign is the same campaign we use to fill our NextLevel Business LIVE events you can easily borrow for your own. We have templatized everything so you can simply “fill in the blanks” and put on your own blockbuster events. So no need to reinvent the wheel – just “swipe and deploy” and you’re all set!
Know, Like & Trust 2.0
Start your new-lead relationship on the right foot with a mini-series of emails letting them know exactly why they should listen to you and the best way for them to stay engaged with your ever-valuable content. The Know, Like & Trust sequence is a proven method to capture your prospects’ imagination at the point of their peak engagement, and make sure the honeymoon period of your relationship never ends. 
Automated Hiring System
Your Automated Hiring System reveals how to automate your hiring process so it does most of the heavy lifting for you so you can qualify applicants with ease. 
The Phone Funnel Framework™
Many marketers rely too much on live or automated webinars to fill their calendar with qualified sales appointments. The Phone Funnel Framework™ allows you to connect and scheduled sales appointments through the device everybody has in their pockets: their mobile phone. The best part is you’ll communicate to your prospects in a cool, non-spammy way. You’ll discover how to create the assets you need to put this novel framework to work in your business so you’ll never run out of qualified sales appointments.
Remember, You Don’t Have 
To Do Any Work On Your Part!
Just “push a button” if you use Clickfunnels or Infusionsoft and these campaigns are automatically loaded in your CRM. 

This sure beats trying to figure out how to create these campaigns yourself and undergoing a lot of trial and error. 

Why go through all the pain and headache when I’ve already figured it out for you? 

Just use what I’ve already built...and RELAX! 

Like I said before, you probably haven’t implemented these campaigns because you’re suffering from information overload. 
Either that, or you’re focused on short term wins to have the foresight to create these campaigns. 

(Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. As entrepreneurs, there are times we need to focus on the short term to keep things going.)  

Yet, you know damn well you need to follow up with leads that don’t buy from you right away…

...AND you know you need to nurture your leads so they’ll eventually trust you...and buy from you. 

That’s where NextLevel Build™ comes in. 

I’ve already done all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!
NextLevel Build™ Is For The Following
  • Those who have been burned by the “red hot marketing tactic of the month” and are looking to build a sustainable business 
  • Those who have been let down by “instant experts” and charlatans who offer rehashed, outdated strategies 
  • Those who want to go BIG in their business and start running with the big dogs 
  • ​Those who are already making money in their business and are looking to go to the Next Level
  • ​And… those who are just getting started and want to shortcut years of trial, error and testing (I’ve already endured all the headaches so you don't have to!
So Get An “Unfair Advantage” Over Your Competition By Investing In NextLevel Build™!
You could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars to have someone else create these campaigns for you. 

Or you can spend hundreds of hours writing them yourself. 

The problem is you’ll have to constantly test, tweak, refine and optimize these campaigns to get them to work. 

So, it makes sense that a batch of these campaigns would cost at least $10,000 since that’s a fraction of what you’d otherwise pay if you tried to create them yourself. 

But you don’t have to pay $10,000. 

You don’t even have to pay $5,000. 

Membership to NextLevel Build™ is a one-time payment of...
This is a drop in the bucket considering you can easily get that investment back with more customers/month you otherwise wouldn’t have attracted. 

And it sure beats trying to “Frankenstein” these campaigns from a hodgepodge of different sources and gurus...or hire an expensive copywriter to create them for you. 

Not too bad for a measly $2,997...considering you could 10x...even 100x by finding the right pieces to reach your revenue goals. 

So join today and stop “spinning your wheels” wondering which tools to implement that’ll help you elevate your business. 

Get them all in one spot so you don’t have to agonize over whether you’re implementing the right tools in your business!
Oli Billson
P.S. NextLevel Build™ will help you convert leads into customers, boost your lifetime customer value, and summon an endless stream of referrals...all of which are critical for any business to survive.  

I’ve done most of the legwork for you, so join today and avoid years of trial and error! 
Special Offer: $2,997
Or 3 payments of: $1,132
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